Casual and Conventional Crowds

Bring your cities to live with crowds and social movements. Avoid obstacles and other people. Use navigation meshes for pathfinding. Fully agent based. Agents can be placed in different formations to create different types of crowds.


Create realistic traffic with cars, trucks, truck trailers, pedestrians and public transport. Supports right and left handed traffic rules. Configure junctions and traffic lights. Brake and turning signals based on the vehicle action.

Marching crowds

Avoid obstacles and other people. Set a target for the agents. Use navigation meshes for pathfinding. Generate and combine animations for the movement and action of agents.

Cheering crowds

1000's of cheering supporters. Vary meshes and materials of your character to create a varied audience. Change the mood of the crowd from cheering to Mexican wave using states.

Long vehicles

Trucks, buses or trains the traffic system can handle long vehicles perfectly.

Truck trailers and wagons

Add truck trailers or wagons to your vehicle. Vehicles, truck trailers and wagons can handle banking roads.

Lanes and Junctions

Indicate lanes and junctions by using curves.

Fully configure the lanes, junctions and traffic lights. Set the number of lanes, the lane width or the amount of space between lanes. Connect incoming to outgoing lanes, set the time of traffic lights and much more.

Car signals

Animate brake and turning signals.

Have the traffic system calculate the signals based on the action of the vehicle.