OpenStreetMap Importer

OpenStreetMap plugin is not part of CrowdSim3D. But it’s a useful tool to quickly create a traffic system. OpenStreetMap plugin imports data as meshes and curves. The curves contain Meta data that can help when creating a traffic system.

For more information about the OSM plugin please visit their website.

  • The next image shows meshes and curves right after importing it using the OSM Plugin.

  • The roads are imported as curve objects. After selecting the curves and adding a traffic system (Add => Traffic => Traffic System) a traffic system is created with the curves from OSM.

  • With the Sync Open Street Map Data tool meta data that has been imported from open street map will be synced to the traffic system.

    This data entails the number of lanes, the type of traffic and if it is a one way road. In case of a one way road the lanes are also centered to their connections.

    Image showing the traffic system after syncing the data from OSM.

  • Some curves in OSM aren’t split on the place they need to be, introducing dead ends. The Fix Dead Ends tool can detect these situations and solve these situations by splicing splines.

    Image showing the traffic system after fixing its dead-ends.



    Dead-ends will only be solved when it ends near a curve point. The tool will splice the spline at that point in two separate splines.

    It will not solve dead ends if there are no curve points near.


When using the terrain projection feature of OSM all the curves have a Shrinkwrap modifier.


When not applied the traffic system will be rendered using the original coordinates of the curves.


To fix this the shrinkwrap modifier on all curves needs to be applied. The Clean Up OSM Curves operation does exactly this.