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A crowd and traffic simulations add-on for Blender

Available for Blender 2.79, 2.80 and 2.81

Crowd and traffic simulations are available for Blender 2.79, 2.80 and higher.

Demo version

Sign in and checkout the Demo for crowd and traffic. Feature complete but limited to 25 agents. Click here to download the Demo version. Feature complete but limited to 25 agents.

Tutorial Channel

Checkout CrowdSim3D Youtube Channel for tutorials. We're working on new tutorials for traffic and crowds.

Create an army of 1000s of soldiers.
Add logic to stand in formation, run, storm a castle, avoid obstacles, fight, defend counter attacks, use siege weapons, wave flags and many other actions to make your battle scene look impressive.

Create traffic for your city.
The system supports cars, public transport and pedestrians. Configure traffic lights, number of lanes, turning lanes and more. Complete with rotating and turning wheels.

Fill a stadium with 10.000s of cheering supporters.
Have them wave flags or perform the Mexican wave. Create varieties in your crowd by varying meshes and materials of your character.

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Cheering Crowds - Stadium Crowds - Moving Crowds

Collision Avoidance

This tutorial explains how a running crowd can avoid a falling rock.

Running crowd

Watch how you can create a running crowd.

Tortoise formation

In this video we show a crowd doing different animations at the same time.

Place characters in different formations in your scene. Configure the distance, randomness, pattern, area and more.
Let agents navigate the scene, avoid obstacles and other agents. CrowdSim3D supports various algorithms.
Automatic animation merging based on the movement of the agent
Visually program and debug your crowd

Traffic simulations


Fully configure your lanes including number of lanes, lane width, the amount of space and more.

Junctions and traffic lights

The traffic system uses a rules system in which you can fully configure junctions and traffic lights.

Wheel animation

Watch how you can prepare a car including wheel animations to be used in the traffic system.

Non destructive editing and simulation.
Manually configure switching lanes at a junction.
Automatically or manually configure each traffic light.
Incorporate your animation actions to simulate the movement of the tires.

Become an early supporter of CrowdSim3D

Blender Crowdsim € 199

Buy the Blender Crowdsim and get the crowd and traffic simulation. This includes all future updates for both simulations.

Blender Traffic € 49

Blender Traffic is a traffic only simulation add-on. You will receive all future updates for traffic.

Demo version

Sign in and checkout the Demo for crowd and traffic. Feature complete but limited to 25 agents. Click here to download the Demo version. Feature complete but limited to 25 agents.

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About us

Crowdsim3D is developed by At Mind. We are Blender developers since 2008.

2018 - Developed the Crowd Sim add-on for Blender
Crowd simulation add-on for Blender.

2018 - Developed the Workbench for Blender 2.8
Draw engine optimized for modelling and animation playback speed.

2016 - B3D101
Platform for 3D learning for young students.

2010 - 2012 Developed the Tiles Compositor
Reimplement Blender's internal compositor.

2008 - 2009 Blendfile Reader and Blender Aid
Tools for fixing pipeline issues.

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