About us

CrowdSim3D is developed by Monique and Jeroen from At Mind. We joined the Blender community in 2007 and documented the Blender File format. We developed a tool Blender Aid that would validate all your blend files prior to rendering. This tool has been merged into Blender. Next we rewrote the Blender Compositor between 2010 - 2012. In 2016 we developed B3D101, a Blender learning platform for young students. B3D101 has been adopted by many schools and organizations like the CodeClub. In 2018 the Workbench for Blender 2.8 was developed. And in 2018 we started development of CrowdSim3D. Nowadays Jeroen is working for the Blender Institute and CrowdSim3D is mainly developed by Monique.

Contact Info

Eisdenstraat 7

1066 LK, Amsterdam

The Netherlands