Crowd and Traffic Simulation

in Blender


Cheering, marching, running or casual crowds, create any type of crowd with our crowd simulation.


Simulate cars, traffic lights, junctions or pedestrians. Also supports long vehicles like buses, trucks or trains.

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Assets and example files

To improve our product we constantly develop scenes

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Vikings vs British soldiers

Available for CrowdSim


Recently we've been working on marching and running soldiers improving avoidance, animation blending, path following and target navigation. These files are available. We are still working on battles. When finished these files will also become available.

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Stadium (next release)

In progress


We are working on improving the performance in Blender of huge crowds like stadiums. This example file including characters will become available in the next release.

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Demo file & Sedan available for all versions

SUV Available for Traffic Only and CrowdSim


The sedan car model and a basic demo file are available for all versions of CrowdSim. The SUV is only available for Traffic Only and CrowdSim3D. Our next project will be about cities where we'll be focussing more on traffic and path planning.

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