There is a tool that helps clean up the crowd simulation.

Clean Up Unused


3D View => Object => Crowd => Clean Up Unused

Selecting this operation will remove all unused generated models, meshes and materials.

Foot Placement


3D View => Object => Crowd => Foot Placement

Adds a corrective NLA track that will place the feet of all agents on the surface of the selected object.

The foot bones are indicated by a Foot Bone property. This property can be found in the bone property tab in edit mode of an armature. The orientation of the foot bone can also be set.

The pose bone of the foot bone must use quaternion rotation. Other rotation modes are not supported and will be ignored during evaluation.

  • Min Distance: The minimum distance to the ground. If a foot is below the minimum distance

    it will stick to the surface of the ground.

  • Max Distance: The maximum distance to the ground where the foot place still has effect.

    A larger distance of the foot will not have any effect.

Remove Playback Cache


3D View => Object => Crowd => Remove Playback Cache

Remove the playback cache generated for the Playback Overlay.