Traffic Nodes

For traffic simulations 2 nodes are available in the CrowdSim Node Editor. The Traffic Variable to variate traffic settings per agent. And the Traffic node to execute the traffic simulation.

These nodes can be used together with the crowdsim nodes. To create a simple traffic system you can add the next setup


See Add behavior to your agents for more details on using the CrowdSim Node Editor and its nodes.

Traffic Variable

With this node you can vary the speed, acceleration and other properties of your character.

Per setting you can set a minimum and a maximum allowed value. During Populate Agents a value between the minimum and maximum value will be chosen.

  • Radius: Radius of the agent to take into account when avoiding other agents and obstacles.

  • Velocity Factor: Roads and lanes have their maximum speed. This factor is a percentage that the agent will use when using that road/lane. 1.0 will use the speed that is configured for the lane/road. Less than 1.0 would take a slower speed and higher than 1.0 would use a faster speed.

  • Desired Time Headway: When riding the amount of time to its car in front.

  • Minimum Spacing: When standing still the minimum allowed space to the car in front.

  • Maximum Acceleration: Maximum acceleration to use during a traffic simulation.


Radius is used for collision detection. It is advisable to keep the radius small (1.5) and increase the Minimum Spacing for a better simulation result.

With a too large Radius cars will stop for traffic on other lanes. With a too low Minimum Spacing cars will intersect when standing still before a crossing.


With this node you can add a Traffic Simulation.



  • Traffic System: The traffic system to let the agents drive on.

  • Signals: Whether turning and brake signals should be calculated. See Prepare a Traffic model how to setup turning and braking animation for a model.

  • Agents: The set of agents that will be looked at when applying the traffic rules. Agents not added to this output will be ignored. When not connected at all, all agents in the scene will be used during the evaluation of the traffic rules.